Crush a Can Exhibition by Hands On!

Crush a Can

Crush A Can Exhibition from Hands On!A beautiful array of gears provides the mechanical advantage needed to turn a child's energy into the force needed to flatten a metal trash can in this iconic physics exhibit. The visitor operates the Crush a Can by turning a simple hand-crank that is connected to an exposed array of gears graduated in size and massiveness to visually express the amplification of the visitor's force from gear to gear. At the end of the array, the gears move a platen that slowly crushes the trash can with great force, ultimately resulting in a crushed chunk of metal that can be displayed as an artwork. Return visitors would always see something new, with cans in different states of destruction. The machine is designed so that staff can easily reset the device and insert a new can, and a glass case protects both visitors and the gearing mechanism.

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