Electric Circuits Exhibition by Hands On!

Electric Circuits

Electric Circuits Exhibition by Hands On!At this workbench, visitors explore the science behind basic electrical components and circuits with easy-to-assemble "building blocks" that resemble dog bones. Each "dog bone" clicks to the next by magnets, making assembly and adjustment of different circuits very easy. Parallel and series circuits can be created using resistors, capacitors, diodes, switches, current meters, low-voltage light bulbs and small fans, all of which are attached to the standard "dog bone" shapes to make connections more intuitive. Through experimentation both on their own and with the help of graphic "placemats" with specific experiments that align with the power supply, the visitor can grasp concepts such as voltage, current, polarity, and Ohm's Law. This activity engages people of all ages and can support individual and group experiences.

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