Master lanning by Hands On!

Vision, Meet Pragmatism: Master Planning

Helping you make your project successful starts with masterful planning.

Every museum is unique. That's why we start our process by listening and helping you define what makes your museum special. Then, we align our thinking with your unique vision, mission and goals to create strong foundations for design and fabrication.

With more than 30 years working with children's museums and science centers, we serve as trusted advisors, supporting your efforts and helping you hone your vision. We follow a disciplined approach to master planning, ensuring our exhibitions are equally unique and thoughtful. We bring diverse backgrounds to the table, ensuring our ideas are practical, engaging and will translate to reality. Above all, we shape our ideas to maximize your mission.

At Hands On!, our approach to master planning unites vision and pragmatism to turn ideas into unforgettable visitor experiences.

Master Planning