Roller Coaster Ball Fall Exhibition by Hands On!

Roller Coaster
Ball Fall

This open-ended engineering activity invites visitors to construct a roller coaster ball fall and have fun experimenting with gravity, centripetal force and momentum. Visitors of all ages enjoy the challenge of constructing a course that a ball can roll through without stalling, dropping out or jumping the track during a wild hairpin turn.

This experience includes six 20"x 20" base modules that provide the movable foundations on which visitors create their ball fall designs. Vertical columns with sliding clamps drop into the foundations, providing an easily adjustable support system for the many different trackway sections from which the visitor may choose. The variety and flexibility of the construction system allows visitors to design a number of track configurations.

The large scale of the Roller Coaster Ball Fall encourages kids and parents to work together to design the biggest, coolest, fastest roller coaster possible. And the adjustability of the pieces means a changing experience that can grow in complexity as visitors return again and again.

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