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Hands On!'s gears are always turning, looking for ways to contribute to our field and engage our colleagues in fresh thinking about extraordinary visitor experiences.

Enjoy some of our recent articles.

"Personality with Purpose: Designing a Relationship with Visitors," Hand to Hand, Association of Children’s Museums
What defines a “high quality museum experience”? Hands On! answered this intriguing question from ACM with our observations on the critical importance of an exhibition’s personality in creating meaningful, memorable relationships between a museum and its audience.

Read about the way we design exhibitions with purposeful personalities.

"Durability: Building to Last," Hand to Hand, Association of Children’s Museums
Designing for easy repair and maintenance isn’t much appreciated, unless you are the staff member that has to take care of exhibits. Read about some built-to-last principles we stand behind, which have guided the design and fabrication of hundreds of experiences that have stood the test of time.

Read our article on building exhibits to last

"Turn the Content Around and Around:
An Interview with Lyn Wood," ExhibiTricks:
A Museum/Exhibit/Design Blog
Noted industry blogger Paul Orselli featured an interview with our founder, Lyn Wood. Lyn discusses her vision of the next frontier for museums and explains how her background ignited a passion that permeates our team today.

Read the interview on ExhibiTricks

"Adding a Scientist to the Children's Museum Equation," Hand to Hand, Association of Children's Museums
We interviewed "Pluto Killer" Dr. Mike Brown for an article in Hand to Hand. Dr. Brown shared some fascinating insights about science, science education and the important role scientists can and should play in a children's museum.

Read our discussion with the Pluto Killer!

"Splinters from Green Materials:
Conversations About the Frictions of Green
Exhibition Design," The Exhibitionist
Green. It's a seemingly benign word that can cause great friction in the world of exhibit design. Seeking diverse perspectives, we decided to start a conversation with colleagues about green interactive exhibitions. The resulting article was published in The Exhibitionist, and it explores the topic with input from two dozen museum professionals.

Read our article on green design

"Kid Power" in Healthy Kids, Healthy Museums, Association of Children's Museums
Hands On! worked with the Boston Children's Museum to create Kid Power, an inclusive, celebratory exhibition that inspires visitors to lead active, healthy lives. The exhibition's message that healthy living is fun living was the topic of this exhibit development case study in Healthy Kids, Healthy Museums.

Read about Kid Power's profound impact

"An Oasis of Peace," Innovation: The Yearbook of Industrial Design Excellence
Our work for W5 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was recognized by the Industrial Designer's Society of America with their highest award for design excellence.

Read how our design philosophy led us to gold

"Decision Making on Purpose: Translating Organizational Identity into Effective Experiences," Handbook for Small Science Centers

Hands On! detailed the development of the vision for W5 in an article we were invited to contribute to the Handbook for Small Science Centers. In it, we describe how we design unique exhibitions that maximize a museum's mission, vision and goals.

Read about the powerful impact of customized master planning

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