Dancing Trees Exhibition by Hands On!

Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees Exhibition by Hands On!At this amazing artwork created by David Durlach of Technofrolics, visitors are captivated as an array of 64 magnetic "creatures" dance to music. The 64 magnets are covered with iron dust that responds to changes in the magnetic field produced by 16 electromagnets beneath the surface of the exhibit. The electromagnets are computer-controlled and synchronized to the musical selection playing; as they pulse, the magnetic fields they produce cause the iron dust to rise, fall and ripple in amazingly beautiful patterns that make the fields visible. There are four musical tracks from which the visitor can choose. The magnet array itself is housed inside a clear cover so it can be viewed from all sides, while the computer and power supplies are housed in the base of the cabinet. This is a wonderfully strange and creative expression of magnetic fields that both entrances visitors and expands their thinking about the possibilities of physics and its applications.

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