Amazing Bodies

Don Harrington Discovery Center, Amarillo, Texas

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

The team at the Don Harrington Discovery Center wanted to nurture learning about the life sciences by supporting learner-initiated investigations into how all living things relate. Hands On! with C.W. Shaw approached this challenge by presenting the broad spectrum of life sciences from many perspectives, using kids, cows and dogs as relatable subjects to connect science to everyday life.

Hands On! developed an awe-inspiring interactive exhibition that presents the wonders of human and animal bodies. Focused on inquiry, the exhibits capture the imagination of visitors and engage them in the excitement of the scientific process and discovery. The result? A fascinating exhibition that drove twice as many visitors after opening.

"Hands On!'s exhibits make heroes our of our guests. The exhibition is changing the way people think about the Discovery Center, confirming that we're a great place for kids and building our credibility as a place for family learning."

Joe Hastings
Former Executive Director, Don Harrington Discovery Center

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