Amazingly Immature

Children’s Museum of Houston
Houston, Texas

Master Planning, Design and Fabrication

Immaturity doesn’t reign in this exhibit…it pours! “Amazingly Immature” is a traveling exhibition developed by Hands On! with C.W. Shaw, the Children's Museum of Houston and the creative team at Klutz®, renowned for its ability to get people thinking through doing. This activity-rich exhibit offers kids and their families fun-filled opportunities to explore science, mathematics, engineering, literacy and much more while honing their “immature talents” and creativity.

Based on the Klutz® Encyclopedias of Immaturity Volumes 1 and 2, as well as other Klutz® publications, the exhibit contains a wide variety of activity stations focused around different immature activities. From designing paper airplanes to mastering the physics of the tablecloth pull, visitors discover that the idea of immaturity is positive, fun and has value for people of all ages. It makes us—and keeps us—young!

“Amazingly Immature” opened at the Children’s Museum of Houston in February 2015. It will carry its blend of immaturity and STEM learning to new museums in 2016.

“On behalf of CMH, I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on Amazingly Immature. Klutz were on hand for the opening and they were blown away by the exhibit and how it truly represents who Klutz is. Most importantly, our visitors are having a great time in there, with lots of laughter and discussion. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Keith Ostfeld
Director of Exhibit Development
Children’s Museum of Houston

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