Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine

Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine

Portland, Maine

Master Planning, Exhibition Design and Architectural Consulting

The Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine is building a new 30,000 sq. ft. home slated for completion in the spring of 2019. Hands On! advised during the architectural design process to ensure the needs of the visitor, staff and exhibition were all being met. Hands On! collaborated with the museum team to develop a master plan and exhibition design that reflects the strengths and passions of the staff as well as an increasingly diverse community.

We are especially excited to be designing an area where visitors will share their stories and explore the stories of families who call Maine home. This area will expand upon more than a decade of work with the community that grew out of an IMLS grant and received an ACM Promising Practice Award. With the move to the new facility, this represents an opportunity to enhance and broaden the stories told. Changeable exhibits in this area will allow visitors to explore cultural traditions in language, food, holidays, dress, dance and music through the eyes of individual community members.

Through these experiences, CMTM will foster communication and community building while providing adults with helpful tools to engage their children in conversations about diversity and difference.

“We could not be happier! You've gone above and beyond with great ideas from early concept to architectural interface to completed exhibition design. Most important of all, we view you as skillful and effective friends and partners, helping us bring our dreams to reality.”

Suzanne Olson
Executive Director, Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine