National Inventors
Hall of Fame

Akron, Ohio

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

Treating invention as both history and a powerful force of the present, Hands On! master planned the National Inventors Hall of Fame, to honor key individuals whose ingenuity produced the telephone, recorded sound, penicillin, and far more. Handsome exhibits bring personalities to life through images, stories, and artifacts assembled by Hands On!.

The interactive heart of the Hall of Fame is the Inventors Workshop—an open invitation to wonder, to challenge, and to discover. Transmit sound. Make magnets dance. Compose a song with lasers. Question. Try it. Hands On! with C.W. Shaw designed and fabricated workstations that can be re-invented, offering a practical opportunity for experimentation and renewal.

"I have worked with and am familiar with the best designers in the U.S. Your work stands above them all. Architecture, exhibitry and graphics flow together seamlessly and reinforce on another."

James Stewart Polshek
Principal, Polshek and Partners Architects

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