Kid Power

Boston Children's Museum, Boston, Massachusetts

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

The Boston’s Children’s Museum (BCM) wanted to create an exhibition where families were inspired to build healthy, active lives by playing together. Working with the BCM team, Hands On! with C.W. Shaw set out to communicate the raw, straightforward excitement of kid energy. Every element of the exhibition’s colorful, mechanical aesthetic seeks to create a kinetic adventure that allows visitors to experience how being active is fun.

Hands On! created an exciting, active environment that allows children to exhibit their power with big, bold activity. By pushing, pulling, pedaling, jumping, climbing, bouncing and dancing, visitors create an enthusiastic expression of the joy found in being active and having fun together as a family. The result? A fun exhibition with a powerful message that is having a positive influence on the museum’s programming and culture.

"Kid Power is a museum director's dream, a joyous hands-on exhibition with a clear message that visitors—and donors—just love."

Lou Casagrande, Former President and CEO, Boston Children's Museum

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