The Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest

Kidspace Children’s Museum, Pasadena, California

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

Kidspace had a vision of creating an environment to inspire science learning through self-directed, interactive experiences and play—and they wanted to do it outdoors. With this idea and an empty half-acre, Kidspace chose Hands On! to grow their vision into reality.

Working with Kidspace board member and CalTech astrophysicist Dr. Mike Brown, Hands On! with C.W. Shaw created an iconic outdoor exhibition like no other. The Galvin Physics Forest offers a captivating, kinetic learning environment that encourages science experimentation through the lens of play. The exhibition is a wondrous mix of the natural and the manmade, with each exhibit beautifully integrated into a custom landscape of native plants that invites exploration, relaxation and interaction. Wheels roll, rockets blast and balls fly as families experiment with the forces that define the shape of our world.

The result? Visitors are joyfully building confidence and capability in science, and Kidspace is seeing record-breaking attendance.

"Collaborating on the Enchanted Physics Forest with Hands On! was a delight. They took our ideas and magically transformed them into a fabulous version of reality more wonderful than we had imagined."

Dr. Mike Brown
Kidspace Board Member and Professor of Planetary Astronomy
California Institute of Technology

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