ScienceQuest at McWane Center


McWane Center, Birmingham, Alabama

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

Its storefront windows still in place, this historic former department store in downtown Birmingham beckons the passerby with new life. Balls float in the air, laser beams pierce a curtain of mist, massive gears turn in a complex mechanical dance. Welcome to ScienceQuest where visitors get fired up with the excitement of scientific discovery.

With ScienceQuest, Hands On! with C.W. Shaw created an exhibition that crosses multiple disciplines, encourage visitors to follow different threads that connect the experiences. Discovery is encouraged further in the “ProtoZone,” an area at the heart of the exhibition where staff members work with visitors to conceive and prototype new exhibits themselves. By providing this flexible work/think space, Hands On! helped our client ensure that ScienceQuest is an ever-changing experience that involves the community and supports repeat visitation.

"What a refreshing way to get things done! Working with Hands On! is to have a wonderfully creative extension of your own team. They eagerly integrated our ongoing input and drew on every opportunity to produce high quality interactive exhibits that express what the McWane Center is all about."

John Mackay
President and CEO, Discovery Place
Former President and CEO, McWane Center

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