Investigation Station at Children's Museum of Tucson

Investigation Station

Children’s Museum Tucson, Tucson, Arizona

Master Planning, Design and Fabrication

This exhibition by Hands On! with C.W. Shaw encourages visitors to observe, investigate and experiment in this lively new permanent gallery focused on STEM content. A variety of open-ended science experiences provide many opportunities for playful learning. Based on the Arizona State STEM Standards, the content explores a range of science topics targeted to elementary school students. The exhibits can also be used as flexible programming platforms by teachers, staff and parents to facilitate a deeper level of understanding in topics such as energy, physical forces and simple machines.

"We had a wonderful time in St. Petersburg and are thrilled with our new exhibits. We are very excited to open the gallery to our community. Thank you for taking such good care of us and more importantly, building a fantastic exhibition for our museum."

Michael Luria, Executive Director
Children's Museum Tucson

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