w5: whowhatwherewhenwhy

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

Taking a bold plunge into the world of contemporary learning centers, the Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland (MAGNI) envisioned an "oasis of peace" that would foster positive interaction among the region's citizens. Hands On! with C.W. Shaw partnered with MAGNI to define the project's educational mission and develop W5. This world-renowned exhibition straddles the line between science exhibit and installation art, encouraging imagination, communication and collaboration.

Our team brought W5 to life as an engaging social space with an inviting, relaxing atmosphere punctuated by a refined sculptural elegance. At W5, the visitor is in charge of his or her experience, which was designed to unlock the scientist in everyone. The result? An overwhelmingly positive response from the public, significant growth among family and teen visitors, and multiple awards for excellence in making Belfast a successful tourism destination.

"We chose Hands On! because their work is so different, so rich in ideas, so sophisticated. They understand how to present science as a process of discovery, not an end unto itself."

Sally Montgomery, Ph.D.
Chief Executive

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