Whiz Bang Engineering

Imagination Station, Toledo, Ohio

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

Engineering is easy when it means dreaming up a new roller coaster or building a bridge. To introduce visitors to the world of engineering, Hands On! created the immersive "Whiz Bang Engineering" exhibition for the Imagination Station (formerly COSI Toledo). By actively engaging visitors in new product concepts of their own invention, the exhibits in Whiz Bang make the basics of R&D, design, and manufacturing accessible and fun.

"Whiz Bang Engineering is going gangbusters and is one of the most popular learning worlds at COSI. You are allowing and encouraging the kind of experiences that families look for, but often can't find enough of in science museums. Congratulations and thank you."

Bill Booth, Booth Learning
Former Director, Imagination Station (COSI Toledo)

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