Your Body:
The Inside Story

Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, Maryland

Master Planning, Design, Fabrication,
Installation and Training

"In any ordinary day, extraordinary things happen in your body. We eat, sleep, walk, talk, dance, run, laugh, sneeze, grow and live because our bodies do amazing things."

At "Your Body: The Inside Story," a new exhibition developed by Hands On! with C.W. Shaw and the Maryland Science Center (MSC), visitors are invited to step inside and see the fantastic way the body works to let us do the things we do. This interactive, inquiry-based exhibition focuses on the main message of the successful IMAX® film produced by MSC with Discovery and the BBC entitled "A Day in the Life of the Human Body." Visitors to "Your Body" test the power of their senses, move bones, battle germs, measure growth, ease stress, and discover the fantastic machine that makes every day possible. Through their experiences, visitors connect their daily activities to health habits and gain personalized information on simple steps to a healthier lifestyle.

"Working with Hands On! is a pleasure. Not only are they multi-talented and innovative in exhibit development and design, they are highly professional in their approach to the task in hand. I am impressed by the service offered long after the exhibition is complete. I look forward to another opportunity to work with them."

Brenda Lewis, Consultant at bslexhibits
Former Director of Exhibits, Maryland Science Center

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